Byeongjin Illuminates Asia Lighting Conference with Study on Attractive Light

Byeongjin Illuminates Asia Lighting Conference with Study on Attractive Light

At the Asia Lighting Conference 2023 (ALC 2023) hosted by the University of Tokyo, Byeongjin Kim, a Ph.D. candidate of Color Lab, presented his study, titled ‘Archiving the Personal Memories of Attractive Light: Database Building and Applications,’ sought to dive deep into the psyche of lighting experts, capturing their most memorable interactions with light.

Byeongjin’s approach involved the meticulous collection of personal experiences from 43 professionals in the fields of light technology and application. Through this, he built a comprehensive database that encapsulates a total of 255 unique experiences, each vividly represented through images. These cases were analyzed based on various parameters such as the type of light, its optical property, and the reasons that made them unforgettable.

A notable observation from his research was that many experts were deeply moved by sunlight, interior lighting, and the radiant display at art exhibitions. The specific color hue of the light often left a profound impact. Additionally, many cited the enhancement of mood or the styling of interiors as reasons behind their unforgettable experiences with light.

Byeongjin’s research expects to establish a trend and to provide valuable insights into positive experiences with light, paving the way for emotionally resonant light source applications, be it in devices, installations, or other mediums.

In acknowledgment of his trailblazing contribution to the world of lighting, Byeongjin was rightfully honored with the Best Student Award at the 14th ALC2023.