A collaborative color study with chemists

Indeed, color drives an interdisciplinary collaboration. With Prof. Dr. Jongin Hong of the Department of Chemistry,  Chung-Ang University, color lab jointly published a research article entitled as, “Blue-colored dyes featuring a diketopyrrolopyrrole spacer for translucent dye-sensitized solar cells” in Dyes and Pigments. Dr. Kyungah Choi and Prof. Suk contributed to the study with contents about colorific understanding of the dyes, explaining the simulated and real dyes are viewed alike or differently in aspect of human color viewing.


We report the facile synthesis of blue-colored dyes featuring a diketopyrrolopyrrole (DPP) spacer with di-methylamine and bis(4-dibuotxylphenyl)-phenyl-amine as donor residues (CSD-08andCSD-09), their spectroscopic, electrochemical and colorific properties, and their application to translucent dye-sensitized solar cells(DSSCs). In the DSSCs fabricated with 5 μm – thick TiO2 photoanodes, CSD – 08 and CSD – 09 yield power conversion efficiencies of 3.43% and 3.62%, respectively, under simulated one sun illumination.