September 4, 2019

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Juhee Kim presented her recent study, entitled as “Layout Preference for Korean Movie Posters: Contextual Background or Character Dominance”, at IASDR2019, Manchester, UK. The study empirically examined the impact of movie poster attributes when the audience chooses a movie. The result shows that the preference of young generation is aligned with designers’ graphic tastes. The…

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Color lab organized the workshop entitled, “Human-Centric Lighting Design for Vehicles” at the International Association of Societies of Design Research Conference (IASDR 2019), on September 4, 2019. Led by Kyeong Ah Jeong and Dr. Kyungah Choi, the workshop invited international participants. In the workshop, participants acquired essential knowledge on lighting design considerations and experienced the process of…

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Kyeong ah Jeong presented her recent study, entitled as “Styling of Refrigerator Lighting by Altering its Chromaticity and Placement”, at IASDR2019, Manchester, UK. The study proposed the optimal lighting condition to elicit certain design style in refrigerator by manipulating lighting chromaticity and placement. Based on the assessments, four aspects were derived as for describing the…

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