Thoughts and Tools for Crafting Colors proposed by EunJin at DIS’ 17

EunJin presented her work at the ACM DIS’ 17 conference and the full paper is published in the proceedings of the 2017 Conference on Designing Interactive Systems. In the paper, the heuristic findings and qualitative analyses are provided based on the thorough observation of designers’ selecting and articulating colors to be matched with the given images. As a part of her PhD dissertation about a harmony in an image-color combination, it tries to reveal the approaches designers thoughts rather than to simply adopt the conventional computational methods developed by engineers. (doi>10.1145/3064663.3064769)


Despite the substantial changes made in the platforms to create graphic works, it is hard to clarify the improvement of authoring tools to manipulate design components such as colors, text, and images. In this regards, this paper presents empirical findings from designers’ behavior and suggests preliminary ideas to develop graphic tools that support the visual design process. In particular, this paper focuses on the articulation of colors and images in the context of graphic design. Through experiments with designers, we investigated how designers perceive images and colors and how they create integrated aesthetics of images and color components. Based on the findings, we characterized a general color design process and derived implications for graphic tools to support image comprehension, color craft, and archiving design changes. As a primitive attempt, we expect this study can provide insights to advance the way of manipulating a variety of design components.

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