Prof.Suk wrote a book chapter about “Light, enlightening colors”

A public talk about color of Prof.Suk is published in a book chapter edited by the KAOS Foundation [카오스재단]. The book entitled, “Lecture Science KAOS 03 Light [렉처 사이언스 KAOS 03 빛]” is a collection of 10 talks broadcasted through the YTN Science in 2015. The 10 chapters cover theories and issues related to light, and the 5th chapter is about color. The color chapter is entitled as “Light, enlightening colors [빛, 색을 밝히다]”, and it talks about not only the psychophysical aspect of viewing color but also affective aspect of feeling color. The chapter is mainly based on the manuscript of the talk followed by a summary of a panel talk in that Mr.Hojun Ji, a photographer and Mr.Byungjoon Bok, a patent lawyer participated.