April 2016

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Kyungah Choi, a Ph.D. candidate at Color Lab recently published an article entitled “Dynamic lighting system for the learning environment: performance of elementary student” in the journal Optics Express, a top-ranked journal in the optics field. This study investigated the effects of lighting color temperatures on elementary students’ performance, namely physiological, cognitive, and behavioral aspects….

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Taesoo Kim, a junior student of industrial design at KAIST, presented a poster about his recent individual research project(advisor : Prof.Hyeon-Jeong Suk) entitled, “Effects on how turbidity of drinks influence recognizing sense of taste by visual [탁도가 음료의 미각적 특징을 시각적으로 인지하는데 미치는 영향]” on the 2016 Spring Conference of Korea Society for Emotion and…

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One of the Prof.Suk’s courses, “Light, Life, and Color [빛, 생명, 그리고 색채]” is now open to everybody. As of this April, KAIST offers online courses called, “KOOC(KAIST Online Open Course)” that is open to anyone who subscribe at http://kooc.kaist.ac.kr. As one of the five courses, her “Light, Life, and Color” is included in the first launch. The course will run for…

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