Wish to make your face more attractive in the mobile display? Answers by Kyeong Ah

Kyeong Ah JEONG made a poster presentation entitled as “Color Adjustment for an Appealing Facial Photography” on the AIC 2015 Midterm Meeting held in Tokyo. In this study, she investigated the relationships between color attributes and attractiveness on facial photography. Using conjoint analysis, important color attribute that affects to attractiveness of facial photography was identified. She also proposed the most attractive combination of color attributes on facial photography.


This study investigated the relationship between the color adjustments and preference judgment of facial. Four facial photographs were given and subjects were asked to choose more attractive and likeable photography between a pair of facial photographs displayed in two identical smartphones. All stimuli were adjusted with 5 color adjustments comprised of Lightness, Contrast, Saturation, and a* and b* values in CIELAB color space. Through an orthogonal design, a total of 28 combinations were planned including 3 holdouts. Based on the judgments for the paired comparisons, conjoint analysis was performed and the impact of each attribute and the levels of within each attribute were identified. Contrast had the biggest impact followed by Lightness, Saturation, and hue values, a* or b*. This tendency was found across all four photographs. The results provide guide to improve the quality of facial photograph, and limitations are discussed.