Design consulting Tool-kit development by Prof.Suk

Professor Suk published an article entitled as “Design Consulting Tool-kit for a Venture Company and an Application Case; Design of Brand & Package for the Functional Cosmetic Company” with Mokryun Baik and Hyunjung Kim in Design Archive(previously, Korean Journal of Design Studies). Mokryun Baik was a master candidate of CED Lab and Hyunjung Kim was a research professor of the BK21 Research Unit of the Department of Industrial Design of KAIST. This study propose a Design Tool-kit that supports SME(small and mid sized entrepreneurs) such as venture companies to efficiently co-ordinate their design problems and solutions.


Venture companies have comparatively poor marketability in terms of its short history, small organizations and low capital. Therefore, support of design consulting firms is required to raise the venture companies’ competitiveness. We need to effectively select the range and methods of design consulting by considering a scale of client’s request and applying the correct consulting guidelines. We developed the Design Consulting Tool-Kit in order to support the design consulting in venture companies, as well as adopted the cases of design consulting for the new venture company which have just started to produce functional cosmetics. This Design Consulting Tool-Kit contains various consulting methods for design as a whole. Hopefully, such a tool-kit guides methods on a consulting level. By using the Design Consulting Tool-kit, we aim to design brand, container and graphics of the M company.

Full text in Design Archive(Korean Journal of Design Studies)