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Professor Suk received the “Best Thesis Award 2009” from the Japanese Society of Kansei Engineering. The award winning paper is her article entitled as “Emotional response to simple color stimuli” published in the International Journal of Affective Engineering(formerly, International Journal of Kansei Engineering) and the study was done with her doctoral supervisor, the late Prof.Dr.Hans…

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Professor Suk co-authored an article entitled as, “Application Methods of Dynamic Design Elements for Ambient Media [앰비언트 미디어를 위한 동적 디자인 요소 적용 방법 -동적 디자인 요소가 앰비언트 미디어 사용자의 주변적 인식에 미치는 영향을 중심으로]”. This study focused the awareness of main media when the ambient media was  viewed at the same time. The article…

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Professor Suk co-authored an article entitled as “Influence of an Aesthetically Appealing Product on User’s Interest” in International Journal of Affective Engineering, which was previously called International Journal of Kansei Engineering published by Japanese Society for Kansei Engineering. This study was selected as one of the best papers at the International Symposium on Affective Engineering…

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Professor Suk published an article entitled as “Tactile Sensation as Emotion Elicitor, International Journal of Affective Engineering” in International Journal of Affective Engineering, previously called as International Journal of Kansei Engineering. This study discovered that depending on a manipulation of frequency and amplitude of surface vibration can control quality of emotional experience. Among the co-authors, Dr. Tae-Heun Yang…

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KAIST Color Lab explores the value of light and color human experiences. Color psychology and keen sense about emotional design are the fundamental roots of its study, and further aim to form a greater convergence with diverse fields. Both quantitative and qualitative measurements allow scientific investigation of human minds as they are exploring light and color….

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