June 2008

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Dr.Suk co-authored an article entitled, “A Study of the Dynamics of Color Preference with and without Reference Objects with a Focus on Vehicle Products and Color Persistency [색채 적용 대상의 특성에 따른 기호 색채의 변화에 대한 연구: 운송 기기의 사례와 색채편식 현상을 중심으로]” in the Journal of Korea Society of Color Studies. The study comes from…

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Dr.Suk co-authored an article entitled, “The Influence of an Aesthetically Appealing Product on the Using Time, Flow, and Recall Memory [제품의 심미성이 제품의 사용시간, 몰입도, 정보 기억도에 미치는 영향]” in the Korean Journal of the Science of Emotion & Sensibility. The first author, Jae-Hwa Lee wrote up this article based on his term project of Dr.Suk’s…

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Dr. Suk published an article entitled as “Emotional Response to Simple Color Stimulus” in International Journal of Affective Engineering, previously called International Journal of Kansei Engineering. This study investigates the emotioanl response to color stimuli when color stimuli were presented as solid surface. Then the effect was compared when the colors were viewed in a sequence of…

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